Mobile Recording

Janet Sings

Make a recording anywhere! 

Whether your event is hosted in a venue somewhere in the Greater Edmonton area or because you just feel comfortable recording outside the studio, Sirene Song Recording offers a remote, on-location, professional recording service dedicated to capturing the sound you want anywhere you want it. I bring high quality studio equipment to your selected location. Service is digital and CDs are produced in fine quality and guaranteed.

  • concert or gig

  • church

  • cabin at the lake

  • a great sounding room in a home

  • even in an open field!


Combination PA:

Mobile recording is most often combined with a loudspeaker system. Whether it is the in-house system, belongs to the band whos playing afterward, or one that youve selected from my PA Systems page, Im ambitious but flexible and cooperative when it comes to recording your event. 

Danny Sings

Mixer Knobs

2008 Sirene Song Recording