PA Systems

700 watt PA

Black System:

A 700 watt loudspeaker system great for gymnasium speech events or outdoor auctions. Gets and holds everyone’s attention.

(15" woofers with horns - 2 modules, 1 shown)

Blue System:

An 1800 watt live sound reinforcement system for superb clarity and outstanding bass. Again, great sound for a gymnasium, community hall or church.

(18" subwoofer bass, 12" woofer vocal range, double 6" mid band range and double 1" tweeter high range - 6 modules, 3 shown)

1800 watt PA


Stage microphones, monitoring system and professional mixing of voices and instruments.

DJ options are limitless, whether you have your own or you want me to find an appropriate DJ, I’m flexible.

Urban Coyotes Perform

2008 Sirene Song Recording