Mixer Knobs

Step Inside

At SSR you can record a demo or full length CD for a considerably low cost, while maintaining high quality. Your performance is captured using the same recording formats used in studios everywhere. 

The facility consists of two lower level rooms in a home; the primary cost cutter. The rooms are mostly sound proof from each other and completely isolated from outside noise.

25"x13' - Studio "Orange"


Mixing, MIDI & acoustic instrument room: A mix of rugs, velvet draped wood walls and a dropped acoustic tile ceiling over insulated joist spaces. Dead sounding, the wood can be exposed for natural acoustics.

Orange Room

15'x13' - Studio "Blue"


Vocal & Acoustic Instrument Room: Similarly treated, velvet draped wood walls and an acoustic tile ceiling.


Both rooms are spacious, private and furnished for comfort; dispersed with associated literature and musical instruments.

Blue Room

2008 Sirene Song Recording